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My Guardian, My Family, My Friends

Thank you,
I love you so much.
Thank you,
I feel so grateful.

When I didn’t deserve love,
You gave it at the expense of your hearts.
You willingly let yourselves be scarred,
When I was so horrible.

I can’t express just how happy I am.
I can’t say honestly,
How grateful I am,
For everything.

Standing now,
A year older,
Now sixteen, not fifteen,
I feel like I’ve learnt a lot.

The fictioners who stood by my side,
My family who loved me and cared for me,
My friends who never held grudges, even after everything,
They formed who I am today.

Sure, my depression gets to me,
And I hate this very much,
But I have to fight,
Because you guys sacrificed so much for me.

You have no idea just how thankful,
How much I never regret meeting you guys.
Even through every obstacle,
You stood by me.

You were there,
And our bond stood strong.
Thank you,

Nostalgia washes over me,
And I feel like you guys are here again,
As if nothing had happened,
As if I never let you go.

But despite every obstacle,
Our bond is still strong,
No matter what stands in our way,
We are connected.

Goodbyes are never easy to do,
But sometimes they are needed,
To help us grow,
To help us develop.

Plus, our bond is strong,
It will never falter,
Even if we’re so far away
from each other.

We stay strong,
And we stay close,
No matter the distance,
No matter the time.

On my birthday,
I want to say thank you,
For all the love,
And I hope,
I want to see you again,
Maybe some day.

Never forget our bond,
even when the tides of time throw us off,
When we think that it’ll never stand the tests of time.

It will keep us going,
So we should never give up.
That’s why, I’ll say,
Goodbye, and see you, when we meet again.

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