Letter To All

Cheers to memories
Cheers to the beauty of friendship
Cheers to all mortals
Cheers to those that gave my life a happy lift
Unforgotten memories of sweetness

To those that give me listening ears
A soft call of my name
To make me purge my heart
And finally, my heart releases
And lets out the pest disturbing my grain

To those with the biggest smiles
That brighten up my day
A sweet smile
That changes my mood of sadness
A beautiful smile indeed

To those so close
That give distance as a punishment
To make a better me
Though painful isolation
It builds me, I’m growing

To those that always give the best advice
So I won’t fall a prey
Though sometimes hurt
It refines me
Alas! I’m refined

To those that understand my silence
Ain’t you omniscience?
Reading my mind isn’t easy
I don’t know how but your magic works
A guiding angel you are

To those I left,
I was never meant to hurt you
I’m sorry, my pride overshadows the real me
I’m sorry I was too busy
I wanna text ‘hi’ but cursed is the delete button

To those that left because of a misunderstanding,
Sorry, I never made a friend you needed
Yes! I’ll take the blame
I shouldn’t have done that
Let rebuild the bridge

To those I loved in secret,
I’m sorry, I should have taken permission before falling
I should have cleared my mind
I should have told you
But ego never allowed me.

To the ones I pushed away because of their emotions,
I’m sorry, I should have blamed your heart
You were never at fault
I’m sorry your feelings betrayed you
I should have been a friend

To the ones that crave for my attention
I’m sorry I was caught in the moment
I’m sorry I never gave a second
I’m sorry I ignored
Let create the bond

To the ones my words crossed,
I’m sorry I was betrayed by my lips
I’m sorry my mouth went against me
I’m sorry it hurt that much
Let’s remember the sweet memories we had

To the ones I promised but never fulfilled,
I’m sorry I was too busy
No, don’t get me wrong,
You’re important
You’re always on my mind

To those I foolishly cared for,
I was never an idiot
I’m sorry I fell easily
I’m sorry for loving too much
I’m sorry for caring too much

To those that left because I’m always ME
I’m sorry I wasn’t classy
I’m sorry I was never your type
I’m sorry for the embarrassment
I’m sorry I never pretended

With a broken and contrite heart I’m writing this,
I’m sorry it took me so long to realize
The importance you’ve given to my life
I won’t blame my ego neither my pride
Blame me for my wrongs and actions.

Cheers to the ones that were
Cheers to the ones that are
Cheers to the ones that will be
Toast to sweet memories we had
Toast to the ones to come

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