Ode to Death

When I said I was in love with death
Your brows were up against me
You called me dark, called me evil
Not knowing death is angel to me and you.

The meek angel
Who cultivates souls ripe in his eyes
Making us write RIP
Forgetting the E

With joy replaced with sadness
We write Rest In Peace
Forgetting, ‘Eternally’
This death is intelligent

He’s intelligent
For he cultivates that which is RIPE in is eye
To ‘Rest In Peace Eternally’
Evacuating him from this horrible planet

What a helper he is

Death, the diligent guy
Who does what he is asked to
Obeying the Supreme to the core
How obedient is he? Even more than you

The doom of the Earth
Is right at hand
Yet he takes us away from this doom’s sphere
What a saviour he is

The gentle introvert
For he speaks not
But does much
Actions speaks louder than words, right?

So creative
Plotting the scenes
And stages of a man’s demise
Even Muna Obiekwe couldn’t act like him

A melody director
After his work’s done
A sonourous tune plays
You call it dirge, he calls it melody

Oh, hail death
He never dies
Neither is he a murderer
But a saint, a messenger

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