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Lost Womanhood

My body, a temple constructed and built for my control
A body designed by my maker and which I preserved for my bridegroom
I was all on my own but you came forcefully to reap where you did not sow
To harvest where you have not planted
My dreams were shattered because of you

My hope you took away in an instant
Desires I have pictured in my head to share with another
You invaded my privacy and made me handicapped

Took what did not belong to you
Are you happy now?
Have you satisfied your urges?
I know your kind
A taste of me is not enough to quench your unbridled acts

Untamed desires,
Forbidden urges
Yeah, they prowl like wolves seeking whom to devour
Their deadly aura engulfs everything in skirt

But I believe I can survive
I will not let you win
I will fight back with all I have
I will not cave in to you

My unfulfilled desires will be your downfall and I will go to the ends of the earth to seek justice for the pains you caused me
And my innocence you defiled in my weakness.

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