I Dream

In the night, deep into slumber I dream
Of a woman, I dream
Of a free woman, I dream
In my dream I see him lifting the belt and hitting her
Later on he tells her he beats her because he loves her
In the day, as I walk by the road, I dream
Of a world where love is not expressed by violence
As I walk down the hill, I fantasize
Of a world where men let women explore their potentials
By the river I see the women and I dream
I hear her giving her hypothesis on the flowing river and I dream more
Of her being allowed to get an education and discovering it all unhindered
I keep dreaming,
Of a world where men do not see the need to lie to women about their potentials,
To make them believe they are weak and below them
For the reason that they are threatened by them
In the vicinity of my brain, I dream
Of a world where men didn’t make the rules to suit them
Of a world where women are not limited to the kitchen
Of a world where women are not likened to children in their intelligence
I dream of a woman allowed to explore her potentials
Of a woman allowed to support her man in all ways she can
Of a man that sees a woman as an equally capable partner
Indeed as a partner and not a slave
Walking in the kitchen, I fantasize
I see little Bakita doing the kitchen chores
Yet it’s common knowledge she loves machines
For her parents deemed education unnecessary for her
I dare my brain to explore the enormous potential within her
Sadly, she can never explore it
In the hospital, I see James
Sad and unhappy
For he desires to be in the kitchen
The kitchen however is considered unfit and embarassing for him
The gender roles already defined uncaring of what individuals, regardless of their gender, want
Always I’ll dream
Of my world of free choice
Of my world of true freedom
I’ll dream

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