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Dear Daddy’s Girlfriend

Twenty years of age,
Or is it the twenty first century,
That keeps you dreadful like the mortuary?
Dreadful with character,
Hey beautiful,
It’s the battle you’re now winning,
Maybe because mummy didn’t tell you she’s crying
Her children slept hungry again last night,
And you would be like an elder sister,
Now I don’t know whether to term you a stepmother.
Tell me girl,
How does it feel
The expensive dinner dates at the continental
Over a man his children lay in a row horizontal?
There’s you sleeping at the apartment
There’s mom sleeping at the corridor over a domestic fight
And daddy had you taken to Diani for holiday
There’s my siblings with fee balances, thus an extended holiday
And everything had always been alright
Were it not for your seduction like snake you bite
We waiting for daddy’s effort to ripen like a mango
There’s you eating his efforts with chilly
There’s me hustling in the weather so chilly,
Imagining how there can be you so silly.
And I heard you inflicted dad with the virus,
Soon maybe that means you going to be the reason we’re orphaned
Maybe end in the streets
I hope not as you’re parasitic,
Leaving families in positions so tragic
And I didn’t know the devil was a person
Till I met him in your face so angelic
I hate to meet you,
I love to hate you.

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