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Abiyamọ Réré Ọ̀run

Today is okay for a light romance.
Moní Ayọ́,
Abiyamọ Réré Ọ̀run,
Arẹwà to jù arẹwà lọ
Throw me back to the days…
The days of innocence
When the love sparked its first light in us.

Ayò Ìfẹ́
Iyọ̀ ayé mí, ìdùnnú mí,
Oníwà réré…
Be my raggae,
Let me be your blues.

Today is okay for cuddlings
And kisses
You are the sun that brightens the moon.

Ló’jojumọ… I mean, every day…
The sun need your strength
To rise and if you don’t retire to bed
The sun cannot set.

Lábẹ́ Ọ̀run, you reign
And tho’ the sun tells time,
It is jealous of your hourglass figure

Maybe I should call you Àyànfẹ́ mí
Because you’re the drum my heart beats.
7 hours without you makes me weak.

If this love were an illusion,
M’ò ní sọ jí
Ọlájùmùkẹ̀, I’ll sing you lullabies
Not to fall asleep this time, but
Till you fall and fall again in love with me.

Onítemí, AyaJoshua…
In you, I am well pleased.

Flourish Joshua
[email protected]
IG • @fjspeaks

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