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Shadows of the Past

A piece of broken heart was left behind
I was alone with no one to lean on
The shadows of my past were all I could see
I hope to find a way.

My mind’s shattered—
shattered from my past
I’m haunted by pain—
a victim of constant tears.

No one to wipe away my tears
A lost soul have I become
Hoping for a bright future
But I’m just a shabby creature.

Lost in a world of grief
I envisage happiness—
happiness as an illusion—
to uplift my bedridden soul.

I’m surrounded by the shadows of my past
Is there a future for me?
Should I continue living in my present?
Will someone come to my aid?

My past lurks around me
Taking note of my every movement
Each breath I take—
reflects my pain of the past.

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