It has turned to a normal culture
People no longer see it as a passion
But rather, they see it as a necessity
Prejudice has been the order
Comparison of which is better
Judgement without enquiry
Is this how life was supposed to be?

An art by which confused souls
Try to reach the mighty one,
Without trying to truly know him.
Only if wishes can be fulfilled,
I sure won’t allow a lot to survive.
Knowing the heart of souls,
The mighty decided to take powers into his own hands.
For if modern souls were mighty,
Then the cries of the less would always be heard.

Intelligence and wisdom has the mighty,
That power were all seized
Now, the less can struggle with enough
Happiness is equal
Breath is also equal
The costliest gold cannot be traded
The less and enough are same
How the mighty thinks
That the less are all alike.
Religion is now belie
Less and enough no longer venerate
Religion! Religion! What a capricious art.

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