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The Untold Tale (A Tall Tale)

There’s always an untold story, the kind that makes us sick to the stomach, the kind that makes us shiver as though the wind is romancing the leaves on the trees

This is one of those tales. You might describe it as a tall tale, or you might see it exactly as it is. You might read it carefully and still get confused or you might cry till the very end.

I’ve always wondered how a little child like me, that loved God so much could be the devil’s child, I’ve always wondered if I was an Antichrist waiting to hatch, but I wondered to myself, it was my secret.

Being what I was, it had to be a secret, because I’d be set ablaze, and no, I wasn’t a witch. In this part of the world witches were good, but my kind were demons to the world

Okay, I’m deviating from this tale, let’s take it a little bit back. I’m Nick from South Vampon and I am a vampire. Yes, that kind of vampire, you know; the ones with fangs and turn into bats and sleep the entire day.

However, like I said I loved God but I was a demonic being, I’m sure by now you must have figured out I wasn’t born a vampire. That’s what all my friends and strangers said to me; they told me it was impossible for one to be born a vampire, they said you could be born a witch but never a vampire.

Of course, I wanted to believe them, but it sounded insane because my hunger for fresh blood was real and all my life, as long as I could remember, I’ve never had an encounter with a vampire.

We were demons, we weren’t allowed to enter churches but I could, it never stopped me from loving God, not until I decided to ask myself certain questions; like how can I be good and evil at the same time? My parents, just like me, loved God so much but I was the only one left to bear this cross.

Some nights, when everyone was asleep, I’d turn into a bat and fly around, looking for other bats to mingle with. Gradually I kept the act and I began to like it and as often as I enjoyed the dark side, I became a stranger to the good side. It messed me up but I loved it. I started making research on everything about vampires and I got to find out I wasn’t alone, and we vampire bats were more than I thought; every city I flew to they were there, some cities larger than the others.

I got closer to vampire world but something was off, something that made me to change locations and cities. Most of the vampire bats would rather feed on live human blood, than dead animal blood. As soon as they realized that I drank only animal blood, they’d call me names like I was a child and I should grow up, or that I was stupid. Some even persuaded me to try it, and I did, once or twice, but urghh, I hated it.

I was home but I never felt home, the real reason I left my family was because of this exact thing: “Nick you’re home, but you don’t feel at home.” I started to wander back to where I came from, each journey leading me to question my faith, hearing words like “You’re not one of us, go back home!” Or being mocked just because I was different.

Fortunately, I found myself in the middle of the Earth and I prayed, one last time before I let go of life, this Earth was obviously not my home, I said to myself.

“Hi,” someone said.

“Hi,” I responded with my head still bent.

“You know, you don’t have to do this, I was once just like you,” he said walking closer. “My name is Lance,” he stretched his hand to pick me up.

“Hi, Lance, I’m Nick,” I said as I grabbed his arm and stood up. I felt safer for the first time in a long time, I felt my entire being.

“Nick, ending this isn’t the answer, I was once a vampire, a werewolf and a man but now, I’m human, just human.”

“That’s impossible, I’ve tried everything I can to become just human, I used to pray to God to take it away but nothing changed.”

“Sometimes, we can’t fight our fight alone, we need someone else to help us” he said. “Were you born like this?”

“This is me, the human vampire, I was born this way and I can’t change it.”

“I don’t think any of us can be born a vampire.”

And for the last time I heard what I’ve been hearing for years, and it hit me, that night when I was six. It was dark and I was angry, I ran out of the house and a bunch of vampire squad came at me and they turned me into one of them and gave me to Marcus, Marcus was supposed to wipe my memory and that’s what he did.

“But, how can I remember this now?” All these years, and if my memory was wiped why did I just recall memory so vividly?”

At that moment, I fell to the ground again in an epiphany, we may not be who we want to be, but our job isn’t to end things when it gets hard, our job is to become who we are and gradually let it go.

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