A Radio

Conundrums have stolen the tick of clocks
And now we haunt
In the shadows of prairie
Which sights unveil the anus of fowls
Grasping at straws
Holding cloaks of a dime witted halogen smiles
Underneath is blood flows
From our menstrual cycle of fears

Aspirin, tramadol, tramamad
Hazards of cancer, recession, degenerates
Who dishes from that cauldron?

In attics,
Our mind billows reads
Acute fever from the thoughts of a harmattan, pains of regrets piping in our faces
Dereliction from upsurges of neglects
All thanks to the whirlwind
That spat us in a falling nest
And my blood stains are unclogged
Causing irascible scares amongst other things..

Here I am, we are by the way
Laughing profitless-ly from the jeremaid
Of canisters hewn at our attention…
But barely,
Can we decipher
The codes on the wall
“Mene” you have been weighed in mercurial cistern
“Teke” you have been written a subpoena for your usual nudity …
“Deus ex machina” rewind the hands of the week
Let it latch a new ambiance
Doggedness and grace.

But why won’t you?

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