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O’, I Praise Thee, Thief

O’, I praise thee, thief,
Pure chap of the day,
Wild picky hands of the night,
Hark! Ye thief!
Saved lives of beings,
Let thy game maintain,
Thou ye were slayed!

Tales of old tell of a legend,
One who made the people cheer.
When the king didn’t!
He stole and stole,
Never forgetting to give to others,
His name, oh his name,
He became known as Robin Hood!

Robin who robbed,
Mysterious eyes that roamed,
Hood yon cribbed in roam,
Hark! Ye thief!
Authorities miss thy cases,
O’, I praise thee, thief,
Thou ye were slayed!

You charmed the child,
You took the women on a dance,
A tango filled with betrayal and lie.
Behind the mask,
You looked for love,
For acceptance.
Oh, the sorrow!

Hark! Ye thief!
The waters tall for thy return,
Air length for thy return,
Valuables spy thy grave,
The dark feels friendless,
Await thee, in the second world,
Though ye were slayed!

The world shall not forget,
Your sacrifice, oh great hero of the poor.
You did what was right in their eyes,
But what was wrong in the royals’ eyes.
No one can justify you with them,
No matter what!

Jael Kemuma Migiro from Kenya
Davine EC from Indonesia 🇲🇨

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