Rising To The Top

Forget about your worst past,
allow your best memories to last,
Get on track, heartily drive fast.
Life is not a blockbuster cast,
where stunts are displayed so vast.

Each day has its own test.
Give it your honest best.
Don’t think like the rest.
The top is an august guest,
treat her like an investor from the west
and you’ll be endowed with a treasure chest.

It is better late than never,
but better late is still better.
Be the block that resets the order,
build and connect your borders.

It is better to invest and have loss,
then you’ll learn to be the boss.
Pay the price no matter the cost,
and you’ll surely earn the most.

Build an indomitable empire,
and you’ll be life’s indubitable umpire.
Even when you finally retire,
your legacy will never expire.

When you get to the top,
don’t think it is time for you to stop.
Until you bring others atop,
you’ll be considered a flop.

We are all meant for the top,
so rise and raise others.
Though some won’t reach the top,
but play your part like a brother.

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