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You Are Beyond Any Praise

How to praise those eyes which stroll
Through the verdant campus of my soul,
Touching the tender corners with gentle touch,
And your soft smile, importunating my pleas,
Tempts my urge to put a redolent kiss on your lips?
Oh, your lips, a pair of rose petals holding
The elegance of palpable paradise.
My mind sings the aubade taking your name
Softly brushing away the turmoils in between.
Your face is a luminous constellation of stars,
Concatenating the iridescent source of positivity.
You capture all the intoxicating glees in your arms,
Your posture, a masterpiece of Van Gogh,
Adorned with the beauty, beyond any praises.
I love when you paint all the blues of sky
Into the pink of your gorgeous existence
And try to inhale the fresh air with the warmth
Of your breathing that weakens my heart.
Your tantalizing hair, weaves the stories
Of Arabian nights, smells more of nightingales
And possesses every single soul passes by.
When you halt for a moment to close your eyes
And rest, you look more than an angel, my love!
I envy them who stares at you, throws their
Captivating praises on you to seek your attention.
Yes, I do envy for my wrath never stops when
It comes to your concern and your utmost dignity.
My love, I will love you until this universe collapses,
I will love you until the world faces any apocalypse
And I will love you until we run short of our eternal promises.

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