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Out of her fiery gloom
and into his soothing room,
she came to seek refuge
on his chest so huge.

She basked in the hug
of a chivalric loving thug.
A man of strong resolve,
willing to die for what he loves.

Though frail and frazzled,
she became refulgent and dazzled.
She was a fading tinsel,
evolving into a new Rapunzel.

A shield of a man
stopping the arrows meant for her.
He transformed into a barricade,
that scares any siege raised against her.

In her rainy days,
he is her umbrella.
In her stormy nights,
he is her fortress.

He said to her,
“Lean on me baby,
“Let me be your protective shell,
to save you from the ensnaring hell.”

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