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I Am More

I am Tobechukwu Davis Chilaka. I am a writer/poet, an editor and a veterinarian in the making, but beyond that, I am a bundle of joy. However, in the abundance of that joy, I get sad, and wallow in dark emotions. I am like a boat on an ocean. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s not, sometimes I am the ocean rocking boats in my wave.

I am a book. I hid my cover so I don’t get judged.

“Read my contents and know the real me.”

People say that I am like a ribbon that holds people together. Sometimes I take a walk and realize that I am like the rainbow, different and unique in my glamour. Each color represents a different me. I am versatile and like a clock I am steady and constant. My battery runs out and I’m stuck on a spot.

I am me! Not who society dictates or who you configure, not part of the stereotype, not part of the norm. I write my story as I go.

I stand against rape, hate, misogyny, and all gender based hate. Although, I am not perfect, I try to fix my pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. My scars would be evident despite the big picture.

I am more than I think, more than my parents or friends can contain, more than life itself, more than society can demand.

I am me, flamboyant and bodacious. And trust me, I can’t be anyone else.

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