Life of My Own

I’m not just a poet, I can say
I am the light of your way
I give words which make you smile during the day

It is not by my knowledge to be on top
But it is by the Lord’s Grace
Enemies tried to make me stop
But they couldn’t because I knew what was my race

I thank the Almighty who is above
For being with me, even though it was tough
He never neglected me but showered me with love
He stood by me through every path I took which was rough

Poetry had always been part of my vision
Giving out words and not considering the wealth
I want to heal the broken souls before the end of my mission
And make sure that my words still spread even after my death

With your support, I shall elevate
I will rise and finally make get on top of the stage
People I only need you to meditate
And never underestimate me because of my age

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