Time is a chariot bird,
With life-feathered wings;
Flapping away seconds with unseen wings,
And fades in the air like ice droplets.

Whenever I wait for it;
It looks slow like the sight of a running cloud.
Whenever I’m afraid of it;
It runs so swift like a chasing dog.

Time with its magic swords,
turn memories to flashes of a flickering light.
I miss it when it’s there and gone.
When it ticks, my heart feels boom! boom!

An invaluable currency that is worth no currency;
That people will ever purchase even when it’s not available.
Everyday is a blessing of 86,400 seconds;
which vanish at night without a remainder.

Yesterday is today; tomorrow is yesterday.
No matter how I grieve about the death of a second;
I always have it there gazing at me.

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