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Pride in My Wounds

Do you know? Sometimes all it takes is admitting your weakness. Telling yourself the reality you hide from.

I walk the streets of life, roam without an idea of what tomorrow holds and yet today I put a smile on my face, because I know… I know I took the first leap—admitting.

Admitting to oneself that our choices are wrong isn’t so easy. Doubts might surface, every step harder and faith wavering but she told me something when I bent my head and lost my pride: “There’s no honor is losing your identity, but there’s pride in bowing yourself to the mistakes you’re afraid of.”

The first time in the therapy room was the worst. Being in denial and not wanting to admit I needed help. Why? Why did I have to be here? Why did no one trust I could walk ahead alone? Why was there no one who believed I am strong enough to do it?

The questions played in my mind. I can say I didn’t know but I’ll admit maybe I knew. But the reality was simple, I never wanted to admit I knew.

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