Flash Fiction Stories

  • Photo of Kidnapped


    You could hear your mother’s scream from the end of the call. Your father was fuming too. Your sisters were all screaming too. You could sense the tension and the…

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  • Photo of LucyAnne


    I envy LucyAnne because, you see, she is LucyAnne. She is all shades of awesome. I know she is not perfect—I have not yet found someone who is—but she is…

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  • Photo of Jolie Laide

    Jolie Laide

    Okemdi ran past my kiosk with joy. He had just received a phone call from The Golden Film Making Agency, Ikeja, Lagos. The aspiring actor was made to understand that…

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  • Photo of Dear Nabi

    Dear Nabi

    I have been caring for them since my father passed away. They are the only friends that I have. Together, we eat and drink; together, we sleep. They are my…

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  • Photo of Death Cup

    Death Cup

    You would never forget the night when you found your husband, the Onowu lifeless, his throat slit open with your own knife. You had cried your eyes out and something…

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  • Photo of She’s Indescribable

    She’s Indescribable

    One could start by her perfectly shaped eyes, a startling feature to her symmetry. One could start with her fine nose that descended nobly on her full lips that curved…

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  • Photo of Ibironke—Tell Me

    Ibironke—Tell Me

    The number one thing I dreaded as a boy while growing up was being in love. For me love was a kind of movie thing: it was a childish fantasy;…

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  • Photo of Her Tedious Shift

    Her Tedious Shift

    With surgical gloves on her hands, she placed a magnifying glass hanging slightly off the pile of books. Right under the glare of the sun from the window. She scattered…

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  • Photo of Dark Wish

    Dark Wish

    I always wanted a dog. There’s always a difference between wants and needs, my mother always replied. My 10-year-old self never understood what she meant. I only knew I had…

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  • Photo of Covid-19


    Nkiru watched as the leaves of the neem tree beside their house danced randomly. They had been doing that for the past three hours and she had been staring at…

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  • Photo of Impure


    “I’m sorry Dan,” Deborah said. She rose to her feet from the king-sized bed, and began to move in his direction, dragging along the flowing white designer gown she wore.…

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  • Photo of Battlefield Child

    Battlefield Child

    She fell upon the dead bodies strewn across the battleground, breathing heavily. The thought in her mind was that she wasn’t going to push forth the babe in her in…

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  • Photo of New Husband

    New Husband

    “You are very lucky,” Maria was saying again. “A rich and handsome husband is not easy to come by.” Maria was my best friend, she came over to help me…

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  • Photo of The Prey

    The Prey

    “I want your body,” he whispered. I smiled. And walked up to him. “Which do you want? My body or my soul?” He was startled. He was confused. “What do…

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  • Photo of My Father’s Legacy

    My Father’s Legacy

    Last night, she asked. “Mum, do you know father loved them young and sexual with nice features?” I looked at her at once. “What are you talking about?” I asked.…

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  • Photo of During Our Time, We Fought Many Wars

    During Our Time, We Fought Many Wars

    “I wager you’ll soon join the others in their cries if you don’t mind your business!” “Taaaa! You’re nothing but a thief and a weakling, Arinze. Now, throw that fruit…

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  • Photo of Shut Nose

    Shut Nose

    “You compromise of calamity! Your bald head has brought evil into our land. Our eyes are blind to see the nemesis betwixt us, our noses are shut to smell the…

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  • Photo of Prophet of Love

    Prophet of Love

    “Huh? You mean Ife is inside? Help me call her, please,” I said in excitement. She walked outside, and took a seat. “Ife, I’ve been longing to see you for…

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  • Photo of Our Gateman

    Our Gateman

    My name is Sandra James. I’m the second child of the two children in a once family of four. I used ‘once’ because we’re currently three, excluding my dad. He…

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  • Photo of The Night Worker

    The Night Worker

    I was a night worker. Always waiting until others had gone to bed before I and my friends start our own day. We bade each other goodbye, knowing that it…

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