Contradicting Us


I am a contradiction.
A complete half heart inside a whole divided body;
Suffering from a very scorching cold;
Complaining of your freezing heat;
Battling myself with courageous cowardice.

Wake up from your deadly sleep!
Listen to me with your deaf ears;
To my uttering tears speaking fire.
Feel the unbeatable heart you pumped;
With pleasurable pain of anxiety.

Take the throbbing pain you left from my hand;
Which I have nourished and nurtured with ectatic sorrow.
I am your contradiction;
Existing as a part for your whole,
Dying for you as you’re living for me.

Although, it seems softly difficult;
But, I’ll see blindly with pains behind my eyes,
Walk around your betray with paralyzed legs,
And a good ear of your deafening silence.
Don’t forget to bid your farewell greetings!

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