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See, I Did Something Wrong! (VII)

I tortured her,
That part is true.
Wait! Let me rephrase.
I tortured her to death,
The undeniable truth.
I lied.
I lied? You decide.
We staged her suicide,
I had beat her day and night
Used hot knifes upon her skin,
Three days straight till Sunday,
The day we hung her corpse;
By her scarf.
She was fifteen,
She was my househelp,
And I had killed her.
She wept, she pleaded,
She begged, she prayed,
All for mercy
Of which, I had none.
I am a monster.
I am scared.
Her hanging corpse,
Her dead eyes,
Dressed in black
As she hung from her scarf.
I feared I would be punished,
I feared I would be imprisoned,
So I lied and would lie again.
My sin is unforgivable,
See, I did something wrong
And would probably do it again.

I forgot to mention she’s my husband’s niece from the village.

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