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Like a Ninja in Love

If I was a Japanese ninja or samurai,
Or if I was a monk,
Even if I was cursed with duty over love,
If my heart had been buried in brutal training,
And if my soul has lost its passion.

Even if my feelings and emotions have been slayed with the sword,
If blades have caught every part of me that could love,
And if my spiritual energy imprisons my heart,
Yes, even if my heart is buried and chained to its tomb,
Even if all blades, arrows and spears are against my love.

One glance at you and all comes back to life,
One look in your eye and every chain is melted.
One touch from you and my curse is broken,
One moment with you and I am made of love.
You are the start of something new,
And you are all I need to love.

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