Selfish Nation

If I knew I was to be born in this nation, I would have refused to breath and open my eyes to see it
Brutality faces me, injustice hits me
Whoever stands with justice is always assassinated
Big fishes swallow small fishes as huge stones roll over small stones

The moon can’t compete with the sun, when they say the youth to arrest the corrupt
How will a string be able stop an overflowing river?
This is a nation where big thieves are set free but minor thieves face mandatory terms
As the youths are employed at 90

Where should I hide my face not to see the one I almost died on the queue while voting him as my redeemer again steal from the poor citizens?
The hungry stomachs never get filled, they come back entice us with money

Let’s not be cheap citizens, my poor nation you always jail yourselves
Let’s vote a leader with mission, vision and leadership qualities, not the one with money and driving expensive cars that ain’t leadership

They say they are fighting better education yet their children study abroad
Better medication and yet they get treated abroad
Where is our savior based, we need to build happiness on our faces

Poverty has encamped in our nation , we have become beggars of funds and yet billions are being stolen in our ministries
And the thieves are walking free, will there be justice?

Where is our so called anti-corruption commission, and yet themselves are always in scandals
Where should I bury my head not to see this sinking nation?
Because my mind is sickling.

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