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Build Yourself—Your Confidence

How do people build themselves? Don’t worry too much, no one helps anyone to build them, they can only give you tips on how to go about it, but, not becoming you and building you, it is not possible.

When you build yourself, you build you, you build your confidence.

The confidence you have in yourself, will aid you to live above the “what will people say?” that you have on your mind.

Build your confidence on a personal trust and guarantee of the real you, not on public opinion. You are not a public issue, why allow public discussions flow into you, and then you become discouraged?

Things like that are bound to happen. Yes, you will come across different forms of discouragement, but be prepared to live above them.

When you have confidence in yourself, you believe yourself in what you are doing, you know whatever you are doing, you know where and what it will lead to, then why listen to any external voice who does not even know how you started? You don’t need that. If you have a sure guarantee of yourself, it is not pride, it is self-confidence.

Be optimistic always, dear youth, never see yourself as a failure. If you have once fallen on a path, this does not mean you will never walk through the path again nor never rise any more because you don’t want to fall, no! You will be careful when walking through the path once again and you won’t possibly repeat the same mistake.

“Your falling today may build your fame tomorrow, if you don’t give up the game.”

If you believe in yourself, and you have confidence, you have overcome even before the journey begins, that is what confidence can achieve!

Confidence does not come from always being right, but, it comes from not fearing to be wrong. That is confidence. Even if you are wrong, and some people mock you, don’t be discouraged, your mockery can turn to your point of breakthrough to success.

And, remember, you are nothing without your creator.

Once you have Him in you, wielding out your confidence is not behind Him, He is aware. You are confident through His grace and mercy, don’t remove the God-factor.

Don’t allow pride! Be you. Don’t try to be someone else and dive into pride. Don’t be over-confident, be moderate.

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