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Stuck with You

So many years passed,
I couldn’t find any one,
Then one random Saturday,
I decided to club.

I spent time here,
Moving from time to time,
From beach to quagmire,
Never knew I’d find her in a club.

Uptight, gay me,
Just wanted to see the world,
Before I passed on to it
I’ve lived lonely since I ran away.

But we found each other,
One night we had fun,
Nothing sexual
She was too uptight.

Next Saturday, I came to find her,
She had been on my mind,
I finally had to let loose
“Help me make this easier.”

And I did, we felt each other,
We were entwined,
It was only till midnight,
But I loved every moment.

Next Saturday, I came back,
But she wasn’t there,
I ran through time to find her,
Because she was worth the time.

I had to leave her
‘Cause I was feeling something.
I told myself, it’d just be fun,
But I fell in love with her.

But I found her.
She found me.
And I told her,
She told me,
“I’m stuck with you.”

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