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If Only Sorry Meant Something

If only it meant something
Then my heart wouldn’t be bleeding today
And my smile wouldn’t be so shadowed

Then I would still be whole
Not in this mend of broken pieces
Then I would smile
With hope and laughter

If only sorry meant something
I would listen to your
Smile and be hopeful again
Believe in us

But sorry meant nothing
Sorry reminded me
It’s true you hurt me
Deeper than a sharp dagger did

Your sorry…
It hurts more…
Than a sweet goodbye would
Your sorry…
It makes me bleed deeper

Reminds me I was nothing
But the woman you toyed with
The woman who was never a choice
The one who you never valued

If only sorry meant something
I wouldn’t sit for hours
In this therapy room
With tears toying in my eyes
And dark thoughts swimming in my mind

Sorry meant nothing
Except that you knew
You knew the scars are deep
You knew they hurt
And still you chose to hurt me

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