Entrapped into Suffering

Into the wilderness of sufferings,
Lured in with joyous voice of solitude.
Sudden transmutation of disposition;
Like clouds changing the cloth of weather.
Finding no place, no love, no home.
Paradise smelling like hell.

Entrapped into the toxic of bewilderment,
With the reverberating sound of suffering;
Whish! Whish! The sound of throbbing blood,
Staining the purity of the motherly earth.
Fighting, living and at the same time dying;
With digression in progression.

As they pledge into their home corruption;
Wandering hearts lost in haze,
Of murderers accusing murders.
Look how we were lured into their sufferings.
Who will reap the sowing seed of Corruption?
Of trees of falseful fruits planted with deceit.

Confused minds of depression and desperation;
Waiting for no expectation,
Ripping hardened hearts to nothing.
But all this suffering has a season;
And all the comes for a reason,
Reasons to live endlessly.

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