Gazing into the sun and seeing its smile,
An endless stream of aimless struggle;
Serving its contents to its locals.
Scratch that
A never ending stream of unlimited opportunities
Flourishing a palm tree.

Life; Imposing stereotypes and people who don’t conform,
stones in a fine meal.
Scratch that
A vacuum with open ends giving you a choice to be who who you want to be.

Life; An overflowing cup of goko cleanser,
With humans fighting to have all.
Like a generator that doesn’t produce power
To light up a soul.
Life; Full of bad and horrible people.
Scratch that
A cherry on sweet tasting icing,
A book whose contents are worth reading.
Life; Full of good and terrific personalities.

We write our own story,
Life is what you want it to be.
Life is what you choose it to be.

You can either be happy or sad.
Choose Happiness coz therein lies the fullness of life.

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