My School Days

My bag and treasure
Drag drag you along
Go back with me
Power and struggling
I show to go back.

Siblings refused
Drag drag us along
Inside my bag
One disgust, one love
Snacks I love, books I hate.

Cry cry all through
Finished my snacks
Tear my books.
Enemies my siblings are
Teacher big big enemy.

New days now
My pen blends
My books full
Laugh they do.
Wow! my old enemy
No tears in your eye.
Joy and smile
All through.

Oh, love and pride
A kid I am days old
What I love I hate now
Thing I hate I love now.
My friend you are.
Days old
Is a kid thinking.

Love you now
Where I go, you go
What I think you write
What you write
People read
To know we are in love.

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