Life is like a capsule, easy to spill its contents
A sharp blade to a man’s flesh, and a bag of fluid is let loose
Living should be a delicate act
Instead another seeks to steal your soul

Life is also a dark hole,
Too dark you might not see the North Pole.
A choking sensation and a rising tension.
Life, a game of choices

Each step in life is filled with uncertainties
You might want to watch where you tread
But… another may hate you for walking gracefully
And boom, a bullet leaves their gun

And shot deep within your soul
It rips through your protective layers
A wound big as an ocean
Leaving a scar to be remembered always…

In a flash, you must swallow a tough pill
For life is a mixture of light and darkness
In the light, you see life’s beauty
In the dark, hands reach to steal your soul

Then like voodoo, it seizes your breath
And like air, it restores it.
That’s just life filled with bittersweet ups and downs,
That’s just life, a feel of mysterious uncertainties.

But… life is truly beautiful,
Indeed it is.
But you must always watch out for the monsters,
Especially the one hiding in your shadow.

Life is the Creator’s greatest gift
And like every gift, it is earned.
So rather than throw a fit,
Why not throw caution to the wind,
And live each day as it comes, to the fullest?

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