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Hey love,
If we part ways someday,
Would your heart bleed with pain?
Would your lips crave to say sorry?

Or would you watch me walk away with a smile,
Would you feel better that I left,
Would you be happier that I left?

Hey love,
If someday we part ways,
Will your hands wish to hold mine,
Would your heart desire to tie mine,
In one last dance of the hearts?

Or will it just engage
In a battle to let go,
To let me walk away,
Would your heart feel better
That you lost me?

Hey love,
If someday we part ways,
Would your hands desire to hold mine,
Would your body want to tie me,
In one last twine of bodies,
Would you wish to remind me
Of all the reasons why there was an us?

Or would you let me go,
Would you watch me fade,
And turn your back to me,
With a smile walk into the arms of another?

Love, would your heart hurt
As deeply as mine would?
Would your arms feel empty
Just like mine would be?
Would your soul bleed
Endlessly just like mine would?

Or would your heart feel ill at ease
For finally letting go?
Would your soul dash?
In a journey to twine itself to another?

Hey love,
Is your love deeper than the oceans
Or is it shallow like the ponds
Is your love sweet like honey
Or is it only vinegar

Is your love blissful like peonies
Or is it just thorned roses?
Is your love like the sunrise
Or is it a storm?

Mine beats deeper than the ocean
It shines brighter than the sun
It attracts like the peonies.

So, maybe that’s why
It will drown me when we part.
That’s why
It will burn me to lose.
That’s why
It will make me bleed when I stand alone.

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