“Rain” — A Poem by Ayomide Inufin D’great

It takes strength to win and obtain,
But it requires fortitude to own and retain,
This is a tale of a head
Who never stopped baking even after securing the bread.

Every finish line is the begining of a new race,
A reminder that after a good time, there are better days,
So the head went ahead to pave newer ways,
Brokered bigger breakthroughs, wielded wider waves.

Always own your space,
As you graze your place of grace,
The top should never make you stop,
No matter how high it gets, there’s always a better up.

Success may be your name,
Perhaps you dine with money, power and fame,
Stay hungry, life is an endless game,
Even if blessings shower like a thunderstorm, don’t stop calling the rain…

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