“After Death” — A Poem by Sam Petros

After all dirges have been sung
And all mourners gone
After all tears have been cried
And the last sand has been poured:

I would sit on my throne which no heir could inherit
A king to my subjects,
My flesh and my bones
And the worms who would come in packs.

I would reminiscence
On the hurdles of life.
And why mathematics is so hard
When after all, six feet is all we get?

I would reminiscence
On the tantalizing aroma of fame
And how burdensome it was
When it finally came.

I would travel back in time
To the days of penury
When our stew ate much curry
Than other seasoning.

I would sail to the past
When poverty made an abode
In our innocence
Robbing us of all quality dreams.

I would state the times
When we dwelled in stagnation
And retrogression got married to us
In obscure tenacity.

After I have travelled to these memories
My memo would rise
To inform the beings
Who on earth still reside:

That life is a question
A puzzle which only she only could solve
But death simplify the answers
For in our hurdles of life we fail to see the puzzle answered.

And death is a final answer
Only when life’s equation is all solved.
But if you jump to the answer without proper solutions outlined,
You get zero and punishment from the professor above.

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