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Inner Voice

Hearing someone’s inner voice has been my gift since I was little. It was just like one hearing what someone is thinking about or saying in their mind. Some were too painful to hear and some very funny. I didn’t tell anyone.

The first day it started, I couldn’t believe it. I was in basic four. I was with my teacher that held special lessons for me then after school each day. The teacher came in with a cheerful face. “Hello, Gabbie. How are you?”

I replied with a smile that I was fine. She looked at me and smiled too. Then I heard it, the voice. Her inner voice precisely. But she didn’t say it out, only in her mind.

“If they hadn’t sacked my husband from his job, I wouldn’t be here having extra class. I’m even pregnant. Too much stress,” she’d sighed.

I was bewildered. Did I hear it right? I shrugged it off. Might be my brain playing tricks on me.

Then it happened again. This time I was convinced that I wasn’t mad. I was walking to school that day when this man passed me. He was dressed up with a suitcase, like one going to the office. I heard his too.

“No one would know I didn’t shower throughout last week. Thank God for my perfumes,” he’d giggled.

I just gave him a surprised look. I have helped out some with it. Like the day I gave out my lunch to my classmate after hearing her inner voice. And the day I slipped back my transport money into mum’s purse after hearing hers too. I was enjoying my little super power. Hearing people’s inner voices till the day I heard the one that almost broke me.

I was with a friend I almost considered a sister. We were strolling one evening and chatting all all along. All of a sudden she stopped talking. I just looked at her. She wasn’t talking but It was loud and clear.

“If not because she’s intelligent and does most of my assignments, I won’t be hanging out with her. She’s so ugly. Chasing away fine guys for me.”

I looked at her with hurtful eyes. She wasn’t aware of anything. I faked a call and left without returning. Since then, I never had a friend.

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