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See, I Did Something Wrong! (VI)

I killed them,
That part is true.
I hated them;
Made sure they knew.
They never understood,
They never tried.
In a moment of clarity
I picked the knife.
She was first.
Whilst she slept.
He rushed in
Tried to defend.
In a pool of his blood
He shall be found,
As I stabbed and thrusted
Wherever my hands led.
Till she screamed,
Her scream stentorian
Not the first, but a little girl
I stabbed her stomach
One too many times,
All to shut her up.
However, nothing,
Nothing, can stop my uncontrollable desire
for drugs illicit
As I must get it at all cost.
As I must find that happiness.
As I must escape this world.
See I did something wrong,
I might not remember it,
I might not regret it,
Or I just might.

I forgot to mention that she’s my mother, he’s my father, the little girl’s my sister and my siblings are now orphans.

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