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Tale of Us

So tonight I’m going to tell a tale of us
I’m going to tell how it was you and me in two different worlds
Till the sky and stars brought us together and there became an ‘us’
Tonight I wouldn’t be leaving out any detail

It started with the lonely dark nights
When nothing ever seem right
When all I knew was the four corners of my small dark room
When all I could do was envisage what lovers do at night

Then you came by like a princess in shiny garments
Lovely smell, must be the royal ointments
Face beaming like the morning sun
Night lightened, like you just released a thousand fire flies
A look into your eyes, then came my wish for a son

After tonight, I still wouldn’t stop telling the tale of us
I’d tell the tale of how you caught my heart at the very first sight
Weakened me to the marrows and promised to be my might
Though dressed like a princess, you’re a soldier by heart

I’ve been secluded, left alone in my own hell
Till you showed up, taking me along with you to the mountain peak
Raising me from abyss to the heavens
Both of us reaching out to the clouds, inscripting our name

I’d tell the lovely tale of us
Of our wet passionate kisses
That left us both with more wishes
And begging questions that need be answered
If there could be any other place to be than where we stand
If there could be any other person to be with if not with each other

The world needs to hear, read, just know this wonderful tale of us
Of how we hugged each other tight in cold nights
Of our embrace being so cozy
I’d tell how your voice is beautiful music to my ears
Food for my soul!
I’d tell the tale of us and I wouldn’t stop till the world knows about us
I’d tell how your angelic voice lured me to bed
And set me on the path of sweet dreams

This is meant to be a tale of us
But there’d be no us with you
So you are what I’d always tell in every tale of us

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  1. This poem’s really nice. This feels like you’re writing from your soul and not just trying to write a poem. So it’s great. Good work.

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