Suspense and Horror Stories

Me and My Thoughts

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“I thought I heard something.”

“It’s just your mind playing games with you.”

Mary and John were lost in the woods. They had tried to find their way but kept moving in circles. There was a thunderclap followed by lightening.

“Oh crap! It’s gonna rain, we’ve gotta find a way out soon,” John said, trying to be bold but one could clearly feel the fright in his voice.

“We’re doomed,” she cried.

They kept on moving, not sure where they were headed. He had tried using his cellphone to call for help but there was no network reception. There was a gust of wind. It had started to rain. Thunder rumbled, then suddenly, the trees stood perfectly still, owls stopped hooting, crickets stopped chirping. The forest went dead. There in the bushes, they saw a wedding dress floating. Just then, lightening struck. The dress seemed to move towards them.

“Mary run!” John shrieked as he took to his heels, his heart beating faster than usual.

“I’m tired, I can’t go any further,” Mary said, gasping for breath. John tried his phone again.

“911, what’s your name and how may I help you?”

“Thank goodness, I’m John, I and my sister are lost in the woods and there’s something after us.”

“Okay, John, where is the last place you recognize?”

“We were driving through—” The phone went dead. There was movement in the woods. Mary was scared to death.

“John—behind you!”

As he turned to look, he was dragged further into the woods. She ran as fast as she could. After a few metres, she, twisted her ankle and fell on the mud. She looked up, it was getting close. She screamed.

The lights came on. Her mother rushed into the room. “Oh dear, it’s just a nightmare,” she said and hugged Mary.

Mary looked at her window only to see “YOU’RE NEXT” written with blood on it. She jerked and asked for John.

“He’s asleep, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just me and my thoughts.”

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