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A soul winner and a path finder
A rare gift bequeathed, offered for, and committed to a course,
He leads, we follow.
An ensign of strength weaker that his Love’s tears
A masculine figure
Whose dexterity is proved not only when he wants to marshall orders
Fit to teeth
Able to bone
Love encapsulated
Feeler of feelings, even odd ones
Love at first sight
Care’s written on his left palm
Sweet words of encouragement and a rough touch of criticism.
Careful analyst.
His patient’s physician.
A rare gift to a wonderful child and the eyes of God that shines on his path.
The world is happy to have you, won’t feel less than bad when it loses a rare gem.
A sire,
A support,
A nurturer,
A fighter,
Will stand against anybody, to win a favour for a nobody..
Faithful father(s) you are one in a million.

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