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Third World War Without Firing A Missile

What a worldly outbreak!
Spreading plague prodigiously like a wildfire,
Springing a Third World War without firing a missile,
From epidemic to pandemic; its diffusion lives unsegregated,
A plague crowned air; it’s morphological, an hepatitis virus.

It is from the kingdom of animals,
Now, the crown has been given off to a man,
Crowned with unmentionable transmissible viruses,
Watered cities turn to withered desert,
Atrophied the respiratory house with Pneumonia,

Body afraid of self,
Children of Alfabeta turn back at another,
A family that has once shared a dining table turn to a scattered moth,
Visitors need quarantine before eating,
Religious ground turn to an opposing individuality creating distance.

Pitiable faces of heads and tails,
Helplessly mourning for help,
Helplessly faces of creatures next to God,
Nobody could dodge the bullet.
How do we tell the creator that we are fighting against ourselves?

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