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Our heads are placed above our hearts because we must follow our intelligence rather than emotions. We must think first before we follow our heart because sometimes our heart can lead us to destruction and bad decision for your life.

Most people always tell us to follow our heart over our mind because the heart never lies. Everyday our hearts ask for something and the desire for it can be so strong that we feel that we’ve just got to have it. Sometimes the heart can be in the right.

When it comes to relationships, a lot of people always go with their heart. However our mind also speaks at the same time, it always lets us know whether what we feel, we want or feel we must have is right. So we should follow our head the intelligence that we have to learns to stay above feelings.

Feelings can be deceitful and make a bad decision for your life,” Toyosi 2017.

The brain is smarter. Although the heart is great and it loves deeply and unconditionally, your brain is what makes the decisions that need to be made. You fall for a guy that’s not right for you, does not feel the same for you but your brain needs to be there and needs to make those decisions to stay away so your heart does not get broken.

The heart is so powerful and will normally win over the brain, but the brain needs to be stronger so the heart does not get broken repeatedly.

For instance, my ex-girlfriend had been following her heart thereby getting hurt continuously due to my amorous way of life, despite my having her with the thought that she’s everything I ever wanted, no soothsayer ever needed. She kept forgiving me each I asked her to. Then suddenly, she decided to use her head, and boom, separation came along. She deserved to be free and happy.

Me, on the other hand, began to use the heart to think, feeling that I lost a gold chasing stones. I was so down, depressed, hospitalised and even considered suicide before my head stepped in to tell me that I wasn’t broken beyond repair, that I can pick myself up and learn from what happened and become a better person from it. Because of the struggles I’ve been through, I can wear my scars proudly as badge of honour, as though I want to say, “Look at what I’ve been through.” It made me who I am today.

If what you have been through is an inspiration for other people, then it was all worth it. “Sometimes the reason to be broken is to become a new version of yourself.”—Sean Buranahiran

How I wish I’d listened to my head earlier, I wouldn’t have been in the mess that made me completely indisposed and a bitter person who attacks the female gender recently.

When you have conflict between heart and mind, sit down and check the advantages and disadvantages of each voice. Soon, you will see the one to go for.

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