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Happy Ending

She was staring at the large stack of books she never read. Books capable of filling a small office library, she wondered to herself what went wrong, she used to love the smell of books, but now, she’d lost interest. She picked up the top book, stared at the cover it was a bit worn-out and old, almost killed by dust. She couldn’t even keep the books well.

She stared at it blankly, the bold sign “THE MAGICIANS” was written on it. She opened it and flip through pages, she used to love the book but she lost the zeal when her favorite character Quintin died. He had lush-like hair, it always made her happy, she concluded he was the major character but how could he die and the story continued?

Dollar closed the book and gasped, she drew out another, it was titled “MIDNIGHT TEXAS”.

“I love the book,” she whispered. “Until an angel and a demon fell in love,” she concluded.

She kept the book aside and stared at the wooden wall, she saw the picture of her grandmother, she remembered how this was her room and how she and Granny always read together, she realized the only reason she stopped reading was because Granny passed t away.

A tear dropped on her cheek, then more and it turned into sobs and hiccups; but she remembered that Granny was in a better place, with lots of books, a magical land like the fairy tales they read together.

She wiped off her tears, stood up and left the room cause she knew for Granny, it was only her happy ending.

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