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Giving Up

I’m so tired
I am drained I admit
I can’t bring myself to hope
And so with silence I let go
Without words I whisper goodbye

Will you let me go
In peace will you let me walk away
Will you let me surrender please
I swear I’m drained

I once had faith
I once promised it will be okay
I swore I would be fine
That I’m strong

But my tears fell today
My heart broke to pieces
And so a stranger I chose to become
To walk a path parallel to yours
To choose a road without meeting
Just so I could let go

I’m weak I swear
The pain drowned me
And so I let it kill all of me
I watched it drown all my hope
All my love and faith

And then a little prayer I whispered
Please let go
Don’t give me hope anymore
Just let me fade
Let me die away
Wither without memories of you
Cause I really am tired

I’m tired
Tired of hoping
Tired of holding on
Tired of believing it’s worth it
Tired of walking on needles
Tired of believing in us
When only me and you exist in your eyes
I’m tired I swear

Do you know?
I’m drained
I don’t want to hope anymore
I don’t wish to see the sunrise anymore
I just wanna sob in silence
And finally free my heart
From a love so pure
That it cuts too deep

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