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Troubled Heart

Do I have to do the endless search?
To find someone that fits?
My legs are crippled
They can take me nowhere

Is there no one to look into my eyes
Maybe I could hear the whispers
Someone to lean on
When the burden seems unbearable.

Someone to shelter the pain
Someone to shoulder the tears when they roll
Someone with the affectionate close embrace
And letting the pain out

The grief of loneliness wracks
Everybody’s friend, I’m called
Is there no one destined to be mine?
Do I need to battle with destiny?

“You’re strong,” they hail
Ain’t I human?
Don’t I have a heart like others?
My heart is made of flesh not bone.

The invisible pain
Runs like a river without a boundary
Like a ball on a slope
Like a forever memory

Ever felt to share your pain?
Wow! You took the step
And the thought hit your heart
They can’t understand.

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