It is a tale about Paradise
That glorious place the thief on the tree identified with
It is a story of the secret den of kings, where every cob wishes to be bred
It is the myth behind the journey of the Queen of Sheba

This tale finds expression in the beautiful farmyard behind my Grandma’s stead
A farmyard froth with flowers and various fruit bearing trees
The beauty of the violet-colored flower at a corner in the farmyard makes my eye roll
With its beautiful leaves fluttering and dancing in the breeze
Butterflies of different colours come to pay their homage to an unknown sound of music

Then my attention is drawn to the huge shrub in the middle of the garden
I could here the asynchronous music made by birds
I could see some plants wriggling around it like a tendril around a stake
I could see beautiful fruits which my Grandma calls ‘almond’ dangling on its branches

To what music does the butterfly dance to around the violet flower?
Why are those plants wriggling around the almond tree?
What brings the bird to perform its musical concert on the almond tree?
Why does the thief want to be with a dying Christ?
What is the Queen of Sheba doing in Israel?

My Grandma says the answer is ‘Fragrance’
For a butterfly is not attracted to the violet flower, but to its nectar because of its’ fragrance’
She says, “Son your cut on the table is your’ ‘fragrance’.”
And she counsels, “Let your fragrance So buzz forth, that every butterfly will perch, looking for paradise.”

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