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There’s an edge in my heart
I storm through the rooms
The silence deafening
And the beats of my heart so loud
I know it’s the last
And yet it feels so soon

I wanna ask why
Why does it have to be this way?
Why walk this path?
Why make pain burn in my heart?
Why teach me despair?

Maybe I knew not better
Maybe I got nothing better
That’s why I’m this much of a loser
Maybe… just maybe

I feel the sound of my feet
The tears burning in my eyes
One or both
An answer I can’t choose

If it’s one
Then who is it gonna be?
I walk into their room
True, the silence is broken
Their voices beating of laughter
Their smiles so pure
Just like their souls

Truly blind they’re
The sinful world they can’t see
The world tearing them apart they can’t feel
My little precious conjoined twins
Born a blessing
Living a curse

Whispered in silence
With laughter and hope
How to save them
Why does it have to be a choice?
I’m a mother
Why should I sacrifice one?

I admit selfish I truly am
I want both to live
But fate is playing a cruel joke
A joke on this tender mother’s heart
For only one can survive

Cruelty a strange name
A nickname I got now
And so with tears trickling
I make a choice
A sacrifice of one
To keep the other
“Save the one you can”
Darkness is my last view
Because I know
I feel it
I truly ain’t worthy

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