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“Parents are Joy Killers” — A Short Story by Ayodelekofo

Sex is really sweet. I have no other words to describe it because those are the best words I can come up with, given my current addled imagination of ecstasy.

I first got curious about it when I started watching and reading R-18 movies and novels. You know when the male and female protagonists get gooey-eyed and jump into bed together? They start teasing the audience and readers by having a piercing and innocent kiss, taking off their clothes after the teasing performance of their earlier kisses.

I can go on but I have to stop there because I found out my pant is a little wet. I crave for it everyday but there’s no outlet for my craving. Touching my myself wasn’t enough to stimulate me. So, I craved for the real deal.

My parents have always advised me on the benefits of being chaste while outwardly showing me the consequences of my actions if I did not remain chaste. They didn’t even advise me on the measures I was supposed to take in case I was not one of the ‘good children’ and decide to have sex. (Nigerians parents have always been indifferent about sex, so I’m sure they wouldn’t broach that topic.)

It was so exaggerated that I even got scared of touching myself for some time. I had to control myself for 3 months but desire prevailed. If there was a machine to calculate peoples’ horniness with percentages, I’m sure mine would be 99.99%. After persevering for 3 months, I continued my act of “debauchery” as my parents called it.

As I was saying, I couldn’t get satisfied with just my fingers. Then an unfriendly friend came to me with a torrent of diamonds spewing out of his mouth. You might think I’m exaggerating but if you were a sex-depraved girl like me you would understand.

He told me to be his girlfriend and I immediately accepted. I didn’t even hesitate. We dated for one month when I started wondering why he wasn’t asking for sex. I thought guys were all about sex. Since I’ve always been a straightforward person, I asked him why we hadn’t had sex. He choked on his water and I can understand why he did. I didn’t give him any prior preparation for the conversation.

His answer was this: “I thought you girls don’t like to have sex on the early stages of your relationship, especially if it’s your first relationship?”

Then I straight up answered him, “Well, I’m not like those ‘girls.’ Who cares about building the relationship first? Are we not still going to have sex later? I’m just an early comer.”

Oh my God, that was funny now that I am reminiscing about it.

Hearing my answer, we stopped the conversation there and got entangled in the sheets. It felt so good that I shed some tears. I had to tell him to go for a second round. We didn’t use any protection since I was still naïve about using protection during sex.

We continued our act of debauchery for a year and I came to the conclusion that conclusion I really missed all those years of practicing with my hands. Still, I had to pat my hand because it still helped me.

My vigorous sex life continued for a year till my parents found out. I was beaten within an inch of my life by my father. My phone was seized, I couldn’t go out for some months making me to miss school. It was a torturous time for me because I couldn’t be pounded like a yam. Just the sound of a yam being pounded got me horny.

My parents decided to move away from the neighborhood and move to another neighborhood. I was monitored excessively and couldn’t continue with my escapades.

Seriously, parents are joy killers.

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  1. I like the fact that it’s short and straight to the point…. I wish there was more drama… But nice work author San..I’ll look forward to more work from u

  2. I wasn’t going for seductive. I’m just trying to show how parents behave to sex and how much some teenagers want it.

  3. Interesting discovery and I must really commend the the of the writer: it was engaging.
    However, the style of writing seemed childlike, and would have piqued the readers interest if it was more seductive.

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