“Sending Fire to the Rain” — A Poem by Chukwujekwu Mbanefo Chukwuewenite

It was morning
The cloud was calm and clear
Devoid of any ray of light
As dark as the limbus cloud preceding a heavy down pour
But devoid of water as a desert.

The land was fertile and loamy
Bearing both food and natural resources
Flowing in both milk and honey
The inhabitants of this very productive landmass, enveloped by darkness could only see the milk
As the dark color of the honey made it impossible to be seen under the darkness of the cloud.

Then, the whites began to swarm in the direction of the blacks living in a dark land
Swarming in troops like birds on their seasonal migration
They entered into the dark land inhabited by black men, and began to tear off the veil encasing the light
But the cloud which was once calm and clear began to rumble
As this light shone on the land, the invaders could see both the milk and honey.

Now times have began to change
But the black inhabitants of the once dark land remained in the dark
The honey from their land became the white man’s innovation
Becoming the fuel for the white man’s automobiles
And the black man buying both these automobiles, and the honey that flows in his land at huge prices.

The rumbling cloud has began to unload heavy downpours
As the once fertile land began to lose its fertility from pollution
The land is infested with widespread poverty and hunger
The times are changing fast, and the light has been exposed, but the people’s minds are still in the dark
Now the inhabitants of the land are heavily drenched

Now we know where the rain started beating us
The time for kindling the fire of revolution has come
And this revolution must begin in the minds of the African man
Fueling this fire, and letting it burn out
And sending this fire straight to this relentless rain exclaiming, “The African time is now.”

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