Purple Gaze

She knows what she wants,
a royal life of gracious flaunt.
She goes for what she wants,
ardently pressing amidst dreary taunts.

Her mind affixed on the goal,
in pursuit with all her soul.
No might could withhold her strength
while she trudges on ignoring the length.

She could only see purple,
the emblem of what it means to be noble.
Her heart tainted with golden marble
and everything she touches turns purple.

Of majestic simple stride,
her path is bedecked with extravagant hues.
Luxury spreading its wings
around her waist of ivory.

Nothing petty condenses around her
only the luxuriant and pretty.
Her dreams and visions are celestial:
fly angels, butterflies, princes in white robes all encompassing.

Imaginative streaks turned real,
an effect of her creative mind.
Nothing more, nothing less
save the outcome of her gaze.

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