The Last Night Standing

We sat, yakking by the fire
Miriam taking us on a melodious routine
Levi prophetic pair offering songs of Thanksgiving

Judah cooking his songs on string
Gad preparing the troop for battles
Mixed feelings of ecstasy and agitation
Laughter, loudly unguardedly roaming the street of our mouth

Finally made free
Years of labour coming to an end
Hope sneaking in to our caved hearts
The mixed multitude celebrating the eve of the long expected holiday

Sign Jars were filled
The welkin shedding tears of joy for free
We would know what it feels like, a free man.
Would we know what it feels like, a free man?
The after effect of tonight won’t matter anyway.
Tonight we raise the caveat on merry throw cautions into the wind, live it like we forever own it, maximize the generosity of the night and supping in its glory

Today we live, tomorrow we live on the day after we live forever.

Chains are done
Shackles unfastened
Restrains unbounded
Pains eroded
Anguish sentenced to death
Calvary experience’s past
Now we ride to Canaan
O ye mountains and hills, plains and valleys, rivers and streams, gather one gather all, come one come all. Set your expectation, partner our course
Reach a compromise
Together we ride to stardom together we ride for fame.

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